If geoengineering is not stopped it will destroy all planetary life

Friday, August 12, 2016 by

You’ve probably heard the good ol’ global warming narrative so many times by now that you could recite it forward and backward. However, one key piece of information is often missing from the mainstream media’s version of what’s really going on.

What could they possibly be leaving out? Just all of the geoengineering projects that are creating the very damage they are supposedly intended to prevent.

Carbon dioxide, particularly in the form of methane gas trapped under the earth’s crust, is considered to be the primary antagonist behind global warming. Industrial activities bear the brunt of the blame for the increasing amounts of both carbon dioxide and methane gas.

It is true that the burning of fossil fuels and the factory-farming of animals certainly does not help with carbon concerns. However, neither does spraying sulfur dioxide, aluminum, barium and countless other particles into the atmosphere.

Governments across the globe are actively spraying all kinds of stuff into the air under the guise of using these geoengineering tactics to help slow down climate change. However, what these particles are actually doing is making it worse. These aerosols are, in fact, accelerating the warming process and increasing methane release.

Of course, while the government fills our skies — and our air supply, by the way — with toxic heavy metals and other chemicals, the media essentially blames cows for global warming.

Researchers from the United Kingdom also discovered some even more worrisome side effects of geoengineering recently. Concerns about geoengineering once regarded as “conspiracy theories” are actually quite plausible, according to their data. The researchers admitted that such activities could result in blocking out sunlight, toxin accumulation in soil and increasing ocean pollution.

Geoengineering was also found to shrink the earth’s atmosphere and damage the ozone layer — you know, the thing that protects our planet from being burnt to a crisp. Being that the ozone layer is the planet’s natural climate control element, damage to it and changes in the atmosphere would inherently result in dire environmental circumstances worldwide. Animals would go extinct and large portions of land would become desert.

Mass extinction is already of great concern. Experts say that the earth is currently undergoing its sixth mass extinction cycle, but this time it is being caused by humans. While geoengineering is not solely responsible for the destruction of our planet, it certainly plays an important role.

It is rather ironic that instead of just changing environmental practices, our governments foolishly seem to think that they can just manipulate the weather without consequence and that further polluting our environment will somehow help.






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